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What Makes Us Special

Bargaaba Business Agency Ltd is mandated and committed to handle all the clearing and forwarding, warehousing, transportation, packaging, domestic courier, air cargo shipments, shipping, marine Insurance and consultancy services on imports, exports, shipping and freight logistics management services within Kenya and worldwide

We are proud to be your perfect choice, reliable and professional partner. We are fully prepared to serve you efficiently and satisfactorily. We highly appreciate the opportunity to work with you and provide you quality services.


Logistics Companies In Kenya

With the help of Bargaaba Business Agency, we are able to clear our imported goods quickly and efficiently, completing all customs entries on time for payment and port charges.

– Retail Kenya Limited

Logistics Comapnies In Kenya

Bargaaba is at the edge of the market when it comes to customs clearance and export, and they offer timely response as well as in the export of goods from Kenya. If anyone needs assistance in either warehousing or global supply chain, they should come to them.


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