10 Sites To Look For A Job In Shipping and Logistics In Kenya

10 Sites To Look For A Job In Shipping and Logistics In Kenya

Becoming a shipping and logistics professional is not a bad career choice if you are in Kenya. There is no shortage of shipping and logistics jobs in Kenya, and there are many job opportunities; shipping and logistics jobs are among the best paying jobs in Kenya. Here are just some of the places you could start looking for a job in the Shipping and Logistics Industry in Kenya:

Logistics jobs in kenya


logistics jobs in kenya

The largest job site in the world. Kenyans and Foreigners living in Kenya can find employment opportunities on this Job Portal in the vast logistics industry. It really is a game changer for most folks. A couple of my close friends have been able to land well paying jobs on Linkedin. How? Through networking i.e sending connections requests to relevant people. In our case to key leaders and players in the logistics industry. Logistics jobs in Kenya can be easily found on it also.

Brighter Monday Kenya

logistics jobs in kenya

Kenya’s largest job site. Job Opportunities in the vast logistics industry are available on this Job Portal, enabling both Kenyans and Foreigners living in Kenya to find employment opportunities nearby. Apart from that Logistics jobs in Kenya are plenty on it.

Career point Kenya

Browse Career Point Kenya for well paying jobs in the shipping and logistics industry. Looking for a new or better job? They can help you.But one key thing to remember, these guys aren’t quite popular like the others in this list. So keep that in the back of your mind when browsing their website for jobs


logistics jobs in kenya

The website offers Kenyans Job opportunities that are updated daily through the site’s Kenyan version.

In addition to the job portal, Fuzu also offers career development services for all job seekers. Employers can take advantage of their platform to enhance job candidates’ skills by taking free online courses.

In honor of its title as the Career Companion, Fuzu not only helps its users find jobs, but also learn new skills and grow professionally.

Duma Works

logistics jobs in kenya

Job postings on this site are among the best.

Recruiters here don’t look through many applications before selecting an employee because they make special rules employers must follow, which makes it easier for them to select a candidate.

Star classifieds

logistics jobs in kenya

 Search for jobs in Kenya and around the world at Star Classifieds, a classifieds search engine in Kenya.

It is necessary to create an account in order to apply to jobs on this site. However, you can still find jobs without creating an account.

Providing numerous job categories such as management, sales, marketing, and accounting and many more, it allows the job seeker to find a job on this website.

Additionally, job seekers can see jobs in their region as well as jobs abroad through Star classified.


logistics jobs in kenya

This platform is designed primarily for students and recent graduates looking for internships, graduate programs, and entry-level positions aimed at launching or advancing their careers.

Join CampusBiz and create your account, browse through the latest internship opportunities in Kenya and apply for the position that best fits your career goals. Logistics jobs in Kenya can be easily found if you browse in the right categories.

Additionally, it allows users to get their CV reviewed by the site and give them the opportunity to improve it.

In addition to helping internship seekers browse latest vacancies, graduate trainee jobs, entry-level jobs, browse by company, and browse by category, one of the features of the platform is an internship search engine.


logistics jobs in kenya

Over one million young people now have access to digital job opportunities through the government of Kenya’s online platform Ajira, created through the Ministry of Information, Communications, and Technology.

Job seekers can use the website to determine if online work is a good fit for them with free online training and certifications.

Ajira lists other online job sites, such as those that offer jobs in categories such as writing, engineering and architecture, software development, customer service, sales, and marketing, transcription, data science and analytics, Web design, and graphic arts, among others. Even though this is a good site to look for jobs in Kenya logistics jobs in Kenya can be easily found on the others compared to the rest on this list.

To take full advantage of Ajira, job seekers must register and create an account.


logistics jobs in kenya

In addition to Shortlist, there are other platforms used widely across Africa and India.

A Shortlist account is also required in order for job seekers to make full use of the site.

Dedicated online application processes are used by Shortlist to match employers with job seekers, so job seekers can showcase their skills.

Shortlist is approached by the employer who describes what essential qualities the candidate must have and the application is carefully crafted to screen for those qualities.

With Shortlist, hiring is no longer determined by, for example, who you know or what connections you may have (such as the school someone attended).

Interested job seekers fill out the online application, after which the matching work begins, and employers are provided with a shortlist of the applicants who match that role most closely.

In addition to emailing applicants during the selection process, Shortlist also communicates with them by phone.

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